Achievements in 2020 #2

Kieren McGovern has been coordinating a UNDP-ADB Asia Pacific project that formulates Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) national implementation snapshots for country programming. See the Indonesia Snapshot, Once COVID hit he worked on the UN response grants and the Asia Pacific UNDP led socio-economic impact assessments that now number 22. To end the year he …

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New Urban Agenda

The NUAConference was held in Melbourne on 4th and 5th May. Kerry McGovern and Penny Burns copresented a session to get us all focused on how we are going to implement the New Urban Agenda in Australia. The conference was refreshing with good discussion about a topic new to most of those attending. Architects, planners, …

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Facts and Dreams of the Future

The human race, without its opposable thumb, would not have evolved. With only four fingers, the hand is not confident. Economists and political decision-makers sometimes forget this and, in using “measurement” to determine advice, delude themselves that their proposals are whole and effective and are not a chimera. Politicians innately understand this, yet find it …

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Going Local: Lessons from the World Bank

Adrienne Valdez “Going Local: Lessons from the World Bank” This article by Adrienne Valdez “Going Local: Lessons from the World Bank” uploaded to the Internet on 15 November 2012 addressed issues of participatory decision-making. Many people in developing countries have contributed much of their time participating in workshops to assist organisations design programs, evaluate and identify …

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