Managing Public Sector Assets

Whole-of-government framework for managing sustainability, including of public sector assets. Outputs delivered include:

  • Whole of Government Asset Management Framework
  • Framework for Maintenance of Infrastructure: Infrastructure Maintenance in the Pacific1-e6584c3cb4
  • Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Global Reporting Initiative Reporting
  • country-specific asset management legislation, policies, systems and procedures.
  • Asset Management Manual
  • training programs.

Heritage asset management structure, including staffing, legislation, policies, systems and procedures.

Talking Infrastructure (Dr Penny Burns)

Public Financial Management

          • Internal Control documentation and review.
          • Fraud prevention.
          • Systems specifications
          • Fiduciary Risk Management

Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

See also: Human Development Reports and the 2005 HDReport

Capacity Building

Map itself

Article “Unhappy Staff want more from Work” – Anneli Knight in Sydney Morning Herald – 20th March, 2013Sydney Morning Herald – 20th March, 2013

Article “Six things that will demoralise staff” in  Sydney Morning Herald – 9th April, 2014

Lips Wiersma, Marjolein and Lani Morris, 2018. The Map of Meaningful Work (2ed) A Practical Guide to Sustaining our Humanity, Routledge, Abington, UK and New York, USA.

Jane Stanley, 2007. Gnarly Planning: Tools for Local and Global Action, Sarina, Qld

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Contribution to the writing of the New Urban Agenda within SDG 11 Sustainable Cities through the Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH).

  • Municipal Finance (Kerry McGovern)
  • Local Economic Development (Dr Jane Stanley)

Applied Sustainability (Antony Sprigg)

Sustainable Infrastructure (Antony Sprigg)

How to Build Local Economies (Jane Stanley)