Kerry_McGovernKerry McGovern, M.Phil., M.Pub.Ad., B.Com., B.Econ., PMIIA (Aust), ASDA, ASB (NZ), CPA

Kerry McGovern specialises in whole-of-government governance and works with Auditors-General and public sector central agencies to audit, identify and build effective asset, financial and performance management systems that enable the executive to deliver valued public services to their people. Her work includes building whole-of-government frameworks to identify, manage, plan and audit the service from public sector assets. She works well in a fluid and unstructured environment requiring professionals standards to be raised.

Languages: English (native), Solomon Pidgin (conversational), Portuguese, French and German (basic) Tetum (introductory)

Countries: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Tonga, Philippines, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Jordan, Timor-Leste, Samoa, Other Pacific Island Countries (Cook Islands, Guam, Republic of Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia (Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap) Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Palau).

Lani_2014_2_sm_2Lani Morris, Master of Science in Responsibility and Business Practice (Bath), MBA (Victoria), Dip Journalism (Canterbury), BA (Canterbury)

Capacity Building Specialist, Lecturer, Author and Artist

See: Holistic Development Group

Lani Morris is the world expert on the application of the “Map of Meaning” and works with teams worldwide to build their capacity applying the Map. She has over twenty years’ experience as an independent capacity building practitioner with organizations, teams and individuals in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Lani Morris works with small, medium and large organizations in a range of sectors including sports, the arts, the education, voluntary, public and private sectors.

Lani has a particular specialty in building the capacity of artists to, as she says, “expose their product to the risk of sale” and runs workshops on creativity and innovation.

Her expertise includes:

  • Leadership and Strategic Direction
  • Motivation and the Map of Meaning
  • The Power of Clear Communication
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • The Creative Career
  • Meaningful Work

Her specialty is in the interconnection of all these areas.

Languages: English (native), German

Countries: New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, France, USA

KierenKieren McGovern, Master of International Studies (Peace and Conflict Studies), Bachelor of Arts (U of Qld)

Peace Worker, Conflict Prevention and Rehabilitation Specialist

Kieren McGovern is a peace worker who works with communities to address conflicts and channel their energies into community development. He worked with the United Nations Development Programme to develop the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the Solomon Islands and with the International Organisation of Migration and the people of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to relocate internally displaced people. He provides workshops to warriors to channel their energies into developing their communities. He has undertaken a small arms survey and can provide a peace and conflict analysis of policies and practices for clients.

Languages: English, Dutch, PNG Pidgin, Solomon Pidgin, Lau.

Countries: Australia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji Islands, USA, Netherlands, Thailand.

PennyDr. Penny Burns 
PhD (Adelaide), Master of Economics (ANU), B.A. (Hons 1st) (Adelaide)

Asset Management Specialist

Penny Burns is the Chair of Talking Infrastructure Association Inc, a non-profit set up to help asset managers anticipate future policy change and be ready to meet it.  She is the curator of the Association’s website and Co-Host of the Association’s podcast “Talking Infrastructure – Ideas that matter”.  For 20 years she was Editor and Publisher of AMQ International’s ‘Strategic Asset Management’  a fortnightly bulletin for policy makers and practitioners in public sector asset management. She was the asset management representative on the Foresight Advisory Committee for Suez Environment, Paris; a foundation board member of the Asset Management Council; and a board member of a number of infrastructure providers in the energy, water and gas sectors.

Her asset management experience includes direct Ministerial and Parliamentary review and advice.  Her presentation to the World Bank led it to commission a review of asset management practices in local government, worldwide and her report on Asset Management informed the UK central government’s asset management approach.  She has published widely in asset management and is an international public speaker. She has been commissioned to provide papers and projects for governments across the world. Penny was the foundation director of the Australian Centre for Experimental Economics at the University of Adelaide and developed the method, adopted by the Australian federal government, for evaluating the social and economic impact of special events.

Languages:  English (reading knowledge of French and German)
Countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, France

Antony Sprigg Master of Engineering Science – Geotechnics (U of NSW) Bachelor of Arts (Hons 1) Geology (Triple Major) (Macquarie)

Infrastructure Sustainability Specialist

Antony is a Senior Executive and Strategic Advisor. He has almost 20 years of leadership and advisory experience working with private, public and non-government organisations, spanning multiple sectors (infrastructure, finance, buildings, manufacturing, defence and resources), multiple jurisdictions (Federal, State and Local Australian Governments, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America and Multilaterals), disciplines including science, engineering, project and process management, planning and business cases, finance and risk, procurement, asset management, advocacy, communications and stakeholder engagement, leadership training and change management, event design and planning, business strategy development and deployment, corporate and industry leadership.

As part of his most recent role, CEO of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), Antony engaged, negotiated and collaborated with governments, multi-lateral development banks, non-government organisations and the private sector nationally and internationally. Over the past six years, in partnership with the Board, Antony created and delivered ISCA’s vision and strategy. He is considered a global thought leader and trend setter specialising in sustainable infrastructure in the context of planning, funding and finance and procurement through to asset operations. Antony has demonstrated the ability time and time again to successfully bring the right people, from the right organisations with aligned objectives (commercial and non-commercial) to deliver enduring win-win outcomes.

Languages: English (native)
Countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Qatar, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Philippines

Dr Jane Stanley PhD (Glasgow) M Sc Architecture (Sydney) B.Arch (Sheffield) Certified Practising Planner

Dr Jane Stanley, President of EAROPH Australia, is providing capacity building support for the global City Partnerships Challenge, drawing on her experience as a Business Planner and Partnerships Facilitator.

Jane is qualified in architecture, planning, social and economic research. She is author of the award winning textbook “Gnarly Planning: tools for local and global action”, the Australian handbook “Building Indigenous Economies”, and the new e=book “How to Build Local Economies”.  Jane is current President of the Australian Chapter and Member of the International Council of EAROPH (Eastern Regional Organisation for Planning and Human Settlements), the Asia Pacific peak body for the built environment. She is past President of the International Division of the Planning Institute of Australia, and Past Adjunct Professor at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra.

Languages: English (Native)

Countries: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vietnam, Philippines, Ghana, UK