A taste of the Map of Meaning

Posted January 10, 2014 kmcgovern

This Sunday – 12th January, 2014 – a colleague, Chris Henderson, is running a workshop “Create your Map of Meaning and the 2014 you want” at Bardon, in Brisbane.

If you are interested to learn what the Map can do and how it works, this is an excellent opportunity to trail it. For details see: http://www.chrishendersoncoaching.com/january-workshop.html

K McGovern & Associate, Lani Morris, the world expert on the Map of Meaning, returns to Brisbane in February to run a masterclass “Introduction to the Map of Meaning” and also the first Australian workshop for Graduates “Developing Skill and Confidence in using the Map”. The graduates, like Chris Henderson, are using the Map of Meaning with groups in organisations and in the community.

I recommend you attend Chris’s workshop if you at all uncertain about whether to obtain the professional training that Lani provides next month. To register, go to:

Introduction Masterclass

Graduate Workshop